Poetry prompt


Been away,
so many years,
old man at the door.
Photos on the fireplace,
smiles from long before.
"Sit down son,
how’ve you been?
Sorry for the mess.
Yer mother used to keep it clean,
I should too, I guess."
Silent was the happy bark,
Which greeted me each day,
From the light into the dark,
Those times have passed away.

Ian Cunnold




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I knew it was coming…

St. Peter said
as I stood in his midst,
"You were a bit of a prick in your life.
You stayed out all hours;
coming home pissed,
You never thought twice
of your wife…"

I said, "Yes indeed,
that’s regrettably true.
I found myself often
imbibing til two.
Drink was the only sweet woman I knew.
She cared and she shared
my impaired point of view."

"I hear ya," he said.
"so now that you’re dead...
why don’t we both head
for a brew...?"



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Early morning hunters

Silent in the morning mist,

Robin in the dawn,

standing midst the grasses kissed

by dewdrops on the lawn.

Ear cocked downward listening,

for sounds within the soil,

where fatty worm are known to squirm,

unaware of Robin there,

poised to pluck,

his breakfast fare.

by Ian

One of my fondest childhood memories was waking up early and watching the Robins feasting in the garden. I was amazed at how they could find worms by listening to them.



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Ukrainian Easter Eggs, Getty Images

Crushable yet Invincible

Delicately detailed -
Defiantly determined.
Fantastically fragile -
Stronger than steel.
Masterpieces of Peace
Inscribed with happiness and hope-
Galvanized with moral courage.
Unshakable in resolve.
Crushable yet invincible -
Eggs of Iron.

Pray for Ukraine.